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Nyan Nyan Gifted

Original price ¥5,700yen - Original price ¥5,700yen
Original price
¥5,700yen - ¥5,700yen
Current price ¥5,700yen

Made in Japan / Non-penetrating / Lotion included
Soft" body and "tickle" vagina!

This is a masturbatorium that is a bit unusual in that it is fluffy on the outside and tight on the inside.
First of all, rare white material is used for the appearance of "fair and beautiful skin".

Then, the belly is a "flabby squid belly," and the part is a cute little "tojiman" shape.

The internal structure is convex at the top and concave at the bottom to maximize the enjoyment of the "clickety-click vagina".

Package size: 234 x 162 x 87mm
Body size: 160 x 100 x 70 mm, 620 g
Registration date: Jan. 30, 2024