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Punyu LOVE Milk Punch

Original price ¥4,400yen - Original price ¥4,400yen
Original price
¥4,400yen - ¥4,400yen
Current price ¥4,400yen

Made in Japan / Non-penetrating / with lubricant] Super soft double-layer [Strawberry Milk]

It is a hybrid fluffy material consisting of melted milk wrapped in soft strawberries.
It is a conventional fluffy material with exquisite microstimulation.

The structure is also gentle and pleasant to the hands, locking in the unique bleed feeling of the soft fluffy material.
The mellow protrusions are entangled from three sides, and the hand is squeezed by a series of microstimulation.

This relaxing and thick feeling is a critical fit!
Let's have a warm and comfortable time with the soft and soft skinned lady.

Package size: H190 x W120 x D75mm Total length: 150mm Maximum width: 75mm Internal length: 120mm 420g