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Gokaicho BIG -Miko's pussy

Original price ¥2,700yen - Original price ¥2,700yen
Original price
¥2,700yen - ¥2,700yen
Current price ¥2,700yen

The little girls have grown up and come back!
The Gokaicho mini series has increased in volume to approximately four times its original size.
The shrine maiden's hole is a zorizori stimulation hole filled with fine horizontal folds from the insertion opening to the innermost part of the hole.

The vertical folds in the middle and the undulation from the center to the back add accent to the simple comfort of the horizontal folds and lead to climax.
The non-penetrating type allows you to fully enjoy the sensation of deep penetration.

Package size: H160 x W80 x D70mm Total length: 135mm Maximum width: 75mm 338g Registration date: 2024/01/30