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God Blowjob Yuu Shinoda (manual)

Original price ¥4,000yen - Original price ¥4,000yen
Original price
¥4,000yen - ¥4,000yen
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Yuu Shinoda, a famous actress, has been made into a divine blowjob performer! 

Wild One scanned Yuu Shinoda, who is popular for her well-developed face and rich service play, in 3D using state-of-the-art equipment.

The rounded and adorable tongue and the sexy mole are faithfully reproduced under her supervision, just like the electric version of "Kami Fellatio" currently on sale.

With its 500g class thick, close contact feeling, two-layer construction with artificial mucous membrane, and elaborate oral gimmick, you can experience Yuu Shinoda's close blowjob.

Package size: H190 x W105 x D105mm, Length: 180mm, Width: 85mm (face part) 500g