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[Technology comparable to a certain manufacturer]

Svakom's latest ID was realized in 2023, and the chestnut suction vibe has finally been released in Japan! The name is "Pulse Pure", power and design comparable to that of a certain manufacturer, a mouthpiece with Svakom's patented technology, a simple and compact appearance, adjustable modes, and gentle on the clitoris and nipples as you like.


Stimulate by sucking in various places by changing the suction place.

[Evolved design Makes you want to suck chestnuts] A suction vibrator that sucks up chestnuts by creating a vacuum between the chestnut suction openings.

Adopting the latest SAVKOM patented suction technology, the feeling of being sucked is more comfortable, more realistic, and deeper.

The delicate suction power sucks up the clitoris and allows you to experience the sensation of being sucked by your lover's mouth! The clitoris is the most sensitive part of the body, and more than 70% of women can get away with clitoris torture.

If you want to experience clitoris torture, welcome to the new world![Ergonomically designed, convenient to hold] According to ergonomics, it is easy to hold.


Place it in your room and it will look luxurious. It is normal and portable, but the strength is not normal. This product was developed with these points in mind.

This is a pleasure that cannot be reproduced by other vibes or by humans. You can experience not only cunnilingus but also nipple torture.


[Elastomeric silicone material, skin-friendly and more comfortable, ultra-quiet, and waterproof] It is also used for bust enhancement and baby bottles, and features a soft texture that is close to human skin.

Made of soft silicone, the texture is close to the feeling of touching the human skin, making it more realistic during use and does not feel foreign objects.

Minimize the sound when sucking and protect your privacy. The product is integrally molded and waterproof. After use, it can be washed as a whole, so you can rest assured about hygiene.

SVAKOM has focused on "innovation" and "improvement" of products for many years, and has been working hard to become the number one in the adult industry.

We will do our best every day to provide high-quality products and services through our unremitting efforts for more than ten years.

SVAKOM's commitment to high-quality materials, design, and technology makes it the ideal choice for anyone who wants to experience intimate pleasure in a safe and comfortable way.

With Pulse Pure, you'll be able to explore new sensations and take control of your own pleasure.

Color: Pearl Pink