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Kunoichi lewdness method vaginal fluff

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¥4,300yen - ¥4,300yen
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Kunoichi Lewdness Method Vaginal Fluff: Gentle Stimulation

Experience the ultimate in gentle stimulation with the "Kunoichi Lewdness Method Vaginal Fluff", a non-penetrating masturbator that redefines the concept of vaginal pleasure. Building on the success of our previous hit "Rampant Vaginal Velo", we've taken it to the next level with an increased number of vaginal tongues, but with a twist.

Key Features

  • Soft and pliable material for gentle stimulation
  • Countless vaginal tongues for a unique experience
  • Gentle enough to be called "licking", not just "tongue licking"

Product Details

  • Package size: H17.5 x W12.5 x D6.0cm
  • Total length of the body: 14.0cm
  • Body weight: 360g

Indulge in Gentle Bliss

Order now and discover a new level of gentle pleasure with the "Kunoichi Lewdness Method Vaginal Fluff". Its unique design and soft material will leave you wanting more.