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Fluffy soft girl nurse

Original price ¥3,750yen - Original price ¥3,750yen
Original price
¥3,750yen - ¥3,750yen
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Introducing the Fluffy Soft Girl Nurse, a marvel from Japan that will take your pleasure to new heights! This next-generation masterpiece boasts a non-penetrating design, combined with a lotion-infused structure, for an experience like no other. Prepare to be enveloped in an unprecedented level of comfort and sensuality as you indulge in the two layers of ultra-soft goodness.

With its intricate and complex meat-like texture, this nurse's palpation simulator provides a gentle yet thrilling stimulation that is impossible to resist. Once you've experienced the soft jagged bumps and the tender touch of our nurse, there's no going back!

The RIDE Fuwatoro team proudly presents the best glasses girl nurse you'll ever encounter. With package dimensions of H205 x W210 x D75cm and an overall length of 150mm, maximum width of 80mm, internal length of 120mm, and weighing in at 420g, this pleasure device is designed for ultimate satisfaction. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience - get your hands on the Fluffy Soft Girl Nurse now!