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Majiman Mirrors Two people in mirror purity Purity

Original price ¥3,550yen - Original price ¥3,550yen
Original price
¥3,550yen - ¥3,550yen
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Introducing Majiman Mirrors - the epitome of purity and pleasure! Experience a whole new level of satisfaction with our non-penetrating or lotion-infused realistic mirrors. Prepare to be amazed as the detailed shape, pores, and wrinkles come to life, capturing your visual senses.

But that's not all - our mirrors offer more than just visual stimulation. With vertical and horizontal folds that spread across the body, you'll experience a tantalizing mix of gentle caresses and firm sensations. The carefully crafted weight of approximately 550g and the easy-to-handle handhole provide a natural feeling of close contact, ensuring an intimate experience like no other.

You won't be able to resist wrapping yourself tightly around this pure pleasure. Packaged in a compact size of H216 x W130 x D107mm, Majiman Mirrors are designed to bring you endless moments of bliss.

Surrender to the allure of Majiman Mirrors - where purity meets pleasure in every touch. Get ready for a transformative experience unlike any other!