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Rorinko Genesis Tennen Natural

Original price ¥2,640yen - Original price ¥2,640yen
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¥2,640yen - ¥2,640yen
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Introducing the Rorinko Genesis Tennen Natural, the latest addition to the beloved Sujiman Kupaa series! Experience pleasure like never before with this non-penetrating masterpiece, now enhanced with lotion for added sensation. Prepare to be amazed by its easy-to-handle design, featuring a large crack that perfectly closes to provide a seamless experience.

The attention to detail is unparalleled, with a meticulously crafted hymen boasting an inner diameter of 4mm and realistic pink vaginal walls. The practical body line ensures effortless enjoyment, while the small yet cute breasts add an irresistible touch.

Choose from our standard options: soft for a gentle embrace or tighten for a more intense experience. Revel in the tasteful folds that enhance your pleasure journey.

Packaged in a convenient size of H180 x W99 x D70mm, this discreet pleasure companion is perfect for on-the-go indulgence. With a body size of 125 x 66 x 57mm and an internal length of 100mm, it perfectly caters to your desires. Weighing just 260g, it's lightweight and portable without compromising on quality.

Experience the ultimate pleasure with Rorinko Genesis Tennen Natural - satisfaction guaranteed!