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Womanizer Aussie

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■□■ product details ■□■

Revolutionary brand "Womanizer" that created the world's first suction toy in 2014. It doesn't let you in, it doesn't stimulate you strongly. The gently sucking toy, which has never been seen before, became a big hit all over the world.Womanizer, which has produced many clitoral suction toys, has now created a toy that can suction the G-spot!


The G-spot in the vagina is actually part of the clitoris.

The G-spot is less sensitive than the clitoris, and it takes some time to reach orgasm. But the resulting orgasm is huge and should be a special experience unlike anything you've experienced before!

Of course, it can also be used for sucking the clitoris, so it can also be used as a 2-way toy. The suction port is wider than other Womanizers, making it easier to fit your body.With a touch sensor function that automatically starts suction instantly when you put it on your skin without pressing a button, and automatically stops suction when your skin is removed.

It also has an afterglow future function that switches to the weakest suction level at once when you reach orgasm and press the power button briefly.

Relax in the afterglow of orgasm.

●Charging method: USB rechargeable

●Charging time: 100 minutes for full charge, 2 hours for continuous use Suction strength: 12 levels

Vibration intensity: 3 levels Equipped with afterglow future functionEquipped with touch sensor function

Waterproof: Fully waterproof (IPX7)

■□■ How to use ■□■

First, slowly stimulate the clitoris, and then enjoy the stimulation of the G-spot when the body is relaxed.

You can choose from 12 levels of suction strength and 3 levels of vibration strength.

■□■ Precautions for use ■□■

It is recommended to use lotion together when using. If you feel pain or discomfort during use, please stop using it immediately.


■□■ All components ■□■

Material: body safe silicone Uniquely designed for maximum pleasure, you'll enjoy an explosive, earth-shattering orgasm unlike anything you've experienced before.

Womanizer Aussie is the perfect toy to discover and explore all your pleasure zones.

Color: Lilac