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Womanizer Marilyn Monroe Special Edition

Original price ¥19,000yen - Original price ¥19,000yen
Original price
¥19,000yen - ¥19,000yen
Current price ¥19,000yen

Classic 2 becomes the package of Marilyn Monroe and appears!It's a perfect gift because it's a gorgeous package with vivid colors, and the contents are Classic 2, which is recommended for first-time users of Womanizer!

Equipped with an "afterglow future function" that allows you to relax and enjoy the afterglow of orgasm.

The smooth and matte texture makes you feel gorgeous. You can enjoy stronger vibrations than "Starlet 3" and "Liberty" with 10 levels of vibration intensity.

Package size: W160 x H195 x D70mmBody size: W50 x H155 x D50mm It’s the perfect choice for a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

Feel the power of 10 levels of beauty, pleasure, and intensity, with an afterglow feature that leaves you feeling relaxed and pampered.

Color: Vivid Red