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Kuchu Sticky Cloudy Cloudy

Original price ¥2,800yen - Original price ¥2,800yen
Original price
¥2,800yen - ¥2,800yen
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You can enjoy stimulation from the entrance to the back with a cloud-like shape.

There are 10 modes of vibration patterns, so you should be able to find your favorite stimulation.

The waterproof design makes it easy to maintain. A magnetic charging USB cable is included, so you can charge it at home.

The operation method is also easy because you can turn it on and off by pressing and holding the power switch.

The body of Crimson matte coating is 171mm in length, which is enough size, and the maximum thickness is 28mm, and it gradually becomes thicker from the thin part, so it can be used by anyone.

Package: 198x55x39mmBody size: total length 171mm, maximum diameter 28mm It's designed to be comfortable and pleasurable, with an easy-to-use control system.

Plus, you can keep it clean and powered up with the included magnetic USB cable.