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Satisfyer Vulva Lover 1 Violet

Original price ¥8,500yen - Original price ¥8,500yen
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¥8,500yen - ¥8,500yen
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Luxurious slim body design with a natural fit
Vulva Lover 1 is a 2in1 suction model that combines a suction vibrator and a rotor.
The curved shape is designed to fit not only the clitoris but also the entire female genitalia, making it an item for women's vulva.
The size fits comfortably in the palm of your hand like a mouse, and it is easy to grip and has excellent operability.
It feels like the palm of your hand is wrapped around it and caresses it perfectly where you want it.
The material is made of medical grade silicone that is smooth to the touch. It does not have an unpleasant odor and can be used safely on women's bodies.

Suction and vibration, double stimulation
Satisfyer's suction system applies negative pressure technology that changes the air pressure inside the silicon cap,
A revolutionary non-contact massage vibrator that vibrates and massages the clitoris without touching it directly.
It stimulates the sensitive clitoris with delicate suction and 11 levels of vibration speed that can be finely adjusted.

Satisfyer Vulva Lover 1 also adds vibration stimulation with a vibration motor.
The delicate clitoris is intensively stimulated with delicate suction and powerful vibrations.
Equipped with 1 suction level and 10 types of vibration modes, with a total of 132 types and a variety of pleasures, this one unit will always give you fresh pleasure.
You can enjoy the stimulation that suits you by finely adjusting each according to the sensitive clitoris.
Color: Violet