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Satisfyer Pro 2 G3 +APP

Original price ¥14,800yen - Original price ¥14,800yen
Original price
¥14,800yen - ¥14,800yen
Current price ¥14,800yen
An app-compatible model that fills you with unprecedented pleasure

Satisfyer's world-famous best-seller "PRO 2" has been upgraded to a next-generation model!
Satisfyer's unique "liquid air technology" fills the clitoris with pleasure with sensual stimulation. Experience the complete PRO2.
With the free dedicated app "Satisfyer Connect",
You can easily adjust the suction level and vibration speed, and enjoy playing while video chatting with your lover in a remote location.

Liquid air technology
Reproduces the movement of the water surface with a unique thin film on the suction cap. A unique contact stimulation that brings sensual and direct pleasure.

full silicone body
The entire body is covered with silicone, making it easier to clean.

2 dedicated caps
Comes with 2 regular suction caps and 2 liquid air caps, you can choose between 2 caps according to your mood.

● 11 levels of suction
● 12 vibration modes
●Compatible with dedicated app “Satisfyer Connect”
-USB rechargeable
Fine adjustment of suction level and vibration speed
Completely waterproof (IPX7)
Approximately 1 hour of operation with 4 hours of charging

Suction and vibration, double stimulation
Satisfyer's suction system applies negative pressure technology that changes the air pressure inside the silicon cap,
A revolutionary non-contact massage vibrator that vibrates and massages the clitoris without touching it directly.
It stimulates the sensitive clitoris with delicate suction and 11 levels of vibration speed that can be finely adjusted.

In Pro 2 Generation 3 (Pro 2 Generation 3), vibration stimulation by vibration motor is also added,
The delicate clitoris is intensively stimulated with delicate suction and powerful vibrations.
Equipped with 11 levels of suction and 12 vibration modes, this one unit will always give you fresh pleasure with a variety of pleasures.
You can enjoy the stimulation that suits you by finely adjusting each according to the sensitive clitoris.

Dedicated free app “Satisfyer Connect”

With Satisfyer Connect, from the app screen of your smartphone or tablet
You can easily operate the suction level, vibration speed and pattern.
With the app, you can select rhythmic pattern suction and enjoy unprecedented clitoral stimulation.
Also, if you use the app with your lover, your lover who is far away can remotely control items.
You can play with two people even if you are a long-distance couple or on a day when you can't meet. The app also has video calling and chat features.
You can see the opponent's face and play while talking.
In addition, you can customize the vibration and suction patterns, live control functions that can be operated intuitively by touching the screen,
Voice function that works in response to voice, works in conjunction with music in the smartphone
It is packed with functions that make your leisure time fun, such as the music vibe function!
Color: Lilac