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Satisfyer Mini Wand-er

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¥6,900yen - ¥6,900yen
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✓Short size rechargeable electric
✓ Umbrella-like head can be stimulated more pinpoint by using helicopter
✓Equipped with 12 types of operation patterns. The body is completely waterproof.

<Manufacturer's comment>
Surprisingly compact! Super powerful mini electric machine with a total length of 16 cm
The Satisfyer Mini Wand-er is a compact electric massager with a total length of 16cm, but with powerful vibrations.
It has an unusual shape compared to a general electric massage machine, but if it is a rounded head part, it stimulates a wide range so as to cover the pleasure points with a "face" like a conventional electric massage machine, and the side edges are stimulated. If it is an effective part, it will be stimulated by pinpointing the pleasure point with a “point”. In other words, the stimulation changes depending on the angle of application, so you can create a variety of stimulation by mixing vibration and movement.
The neck part also bends moderately, so the fit is excellent. With an easy-to-hold grip shape and weight balance, you can use it regardless of your posture or location.

・12 vibration modes
・USB rechargeable
・It operates for about 1 hour after charging for 3 hours
・Completely waterproof (IPX7)
・Material: Silicon, ABS
・With 1 year product warranty

12 powerful vibration programs
The Satisfyer Mini Wand-er has 12 different vibration patterns, from powerful vibrations to rhythmic vibrations.

About maintenance
Medical grade silicone is used throughout the body and can be used safely on delicate areas.
The main body is IPX7 completely waterproof, so it is easy to clean after use. Hygiene is also safe.

reusable rechargeable
With USB charging specifications, it can be used for about 60 minutes after charging for 270 minutes. It is convenient to carry, and you can spend leisure time comfortably.
There is a manufacturer's product warranty for one year from the date of purchase, so you can rest assured even if something happens.

What is Satisfyer
Satisfyer is a love goods brand born in Germany in 2016. We have developed the Satisfyer series, which allows you to experience high-quality orgasms in a short time, and the partner series, which allows you to experience orgasms with your partner. We deliver high-quality love goods all over the world with high functionality and conscientious pricing! Despite being a brand that was just established, it has won numerous global design awards. is a topical love goods brand that is attracting attention.
silicone, ABS

Size (mm)
Product size: 160 x 58 x 63 mm Weight: 122g