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Satisfyer Lucky Libra

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¥8,300yen - ¥8,300yen
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Powerful model of suction + vibration. Easy-to-hold ring handle for excellent operability

!Achieves stronger suction + vibration mixed stimulation. Satisfyer Lucky Libra is a powerful model that delivers the best performance by combining suction stimulation and intense vibration with the air pulse function.Compared to the conventional series, the suction port is made wider, so it fits tightly so as to wrap the entire clitoris.

By continuing to stimulate a wide area from the suction port, it leads to a deeper clitoral orgasm.In addition, by incorporating a vibration motor into the tip, vibration is easily transmitted to the suction port, so you can enjoy a more powerful suction + vibration mixed stimulation than the previous series. Of course, it can be operated individually with suction only or vibration only.

It is a model that specializes in orgasm to the clitoris with a 2-way specification of a suction vibrator and an electric massage machine.The ring handle is easy to fit in a woman's hand, and it is designed to be very easy to use even for first-time users.


An electric massager and a sucking vibrator in one. A shape that can be enjoyed by two people at the same time as well as one personThe other side of the suction port has a rounded and seamless shape, so you can use it like an electric machine.


Not to mention one person, two people can feel each other at the same time while facing each other like sandwiching Lucky Libra.Dedicated free app "Satisfyer Connect"With Satisfyer Connect, it is possible to finely adjust the suction and vibration patterns from the app screen of your smartphone or tablet.Also, if you use the app with your lover, you can remotely control items even if you are away from your lover, so you can play together even if you are a long-distance couple or on a day when you can't meet.


The app also has a video call and chat function, so you can see the other person's face and play while talking.In addition, you can customize the vibration pattern, live control function that can be operated intuitively by touching the screen, voice function that works in response to voice, music vibration function that works in conjunction with music in the smartphone, etc.


Pleasure time It is packed with features that make it fun!The app supports over 30 languages, including English and Japanese.Massage without direct contact with the clitorisThe Satisfyer series is an epoch-making non-contact massage vibrator that applies negative pressure technology that changes the air pressure inside the suction mouth and massages the clitoris without direct contact while generating vibrations.


It stimulates the sensitive clitoris with delicate suction and 11 levels of vibration speed that can be finely adjusted. Experience a comfortable massage with a vibration speed that suits you.

Experience a thrilling new way to play alone or with your lover, with 2-in-1 versatility. Control the experience with the Satisfyer Connect app and enjoy satisfying, customized pleasure.