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Super Vibration

Original price ¥9,500yen - Original price ¥9,500yen
Original price
¥9,500yen - ¥9,500yen
Current price ¥9,500yen

Unexplored total sales of 2 million copies!

``Pink Vibration super (super)'', a masterpiece worthy of the name of the strongest Vibration ever, surpassing the ``Pink Vibration plus'', which was called the best and the strongest in the ``Absolutely squishy Vibration'' series!
Super super vibration by heavyweight motor x super quiet x super complete waterproof (IPX8)!

Not only can it be used in water such as baths and pools, but it can also be enjoyed on land and in the sky!
Switch on smoothly without stress in any situation and demonstrate the best performance!

In addition, the body is safe and secure with a full coat of high-grade silicone material! Gently protects delicate areas!

[Super waterproof] Completely waterproof (IPX8) body 100%!

Fully washable! Fully coated with high-grade silicone material that is safe and secure for your body!

[Super Vibration] Optimized heavyweight motor!

Through long-term monitoring and trial and error, we have created a vibration that is both soft, heavy, and quiet! Pleasant vibration with 6 levels of strength and 6 patterns!

[Ultra-quiet] Ultra-quiet for peace of mind even at night!

In response to the request to be as quiet as possible, the large motor is double-coated with silicon!

A general Vibration can only choose one pattern vibration with few options in a limited space within 3m of a power outlet, and you can only get a similar and mediocre enjoyment.
But! I want to have endless fun in more places!
The Pink Vibration series was born and evolved to realize such a customer's wish.
Easy USB charging frees you from the yoke of cords, allowing you to fully enjoy playing anywhere.

Pink Vibration that is loved and nurtured by customers
The much-requested "waterproof function" was also answered by enthusiastic Vibration fans, and the long-awaited IPX8 release was completed.

"Where there is a will, there is a way"
With the birth of "Pink Vibration Super", which completely conquers the Vibration world, you will be able to enjoy an infinite super experience at the level of ascension anywhere in the world.

In addition, two types of special attachments that can enjoy soft vibrations will be released at the same time.

Total body length: 270 mm, head diameter: 45 mm, handle thickness: 26 to 45 mm
Body weight: 370g
Package size: H325 x φ90mm (including hook)
Gross Weight: 625g
Accessories: Plug-type USB cable for charging, storage pouch, instruction manual
Charging method: Plug type USB cable
Standard charging time: 2 hours
Drive time: 2 hours

Color: Black