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Future masturbation THE BOX No.3

Original price ¥1,740yen - Original price ¥1,740yen
Original price
¥1,740yen - ¥1,740yen
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Introducing the Future Masturbation THE BOX No.3 - an innovation that will revolutionize your self-pleasure experience! Our Miraino Masturbation NO.3 has made a thrilling comeback with a convenient hand hole, giving you a whole new level of pleasure. Get ready to indulge in the ultimate sensation as we bring you the true essence of intercrural sex, perfectly replicated through our incredible touch texture. With a compact package size of 170 x 90 x 70mm and a body size of 130 x 45 x 45mm, this discreet pleasure device is ready to accompany you wherever you go. Elevate your intimate moments with Future Masturbation - because pleasure should know no bounds!