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Fully waterproof anal orgasm 010

Original price ¥2,580yen - Original price ¥2,580yen
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¥2,580yen - ¥2,580yen
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Introducing the Fully Waterproof Anal Orgasm 010! Experience unparalleled pleasure with this advanced anal vibrator, perfect for both beginners and experienced users. Now completely waterproof (IPX7), you can take your pleasure to new depths in the bath or shower.

The unique twisted arm design of the 010 allows for incredible sensations as it gently screws into the sphincter. Its specially designed tip provides deep stimulation, targeting the prostate gland for intense pleasure. Need some extra satisfaction? The tip can also be used for precise point stimulation.

With a flexible arm that can be bent freely, you have full control to explore and stimulate your favorite pleasure points. The package dimensions are 245 x 85 x 38mm, and the body size measures a total length of 180mm with a diameter of 31mm and an insertion diameter of 20/30mm.

Powered by two AAA batteries, this anal vibrator ensures long-lasting enjoyment without any interruptions. Get ready to unlock a world of pleasure with the Fully Waterproof Anal Orgasm 010!