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Sensual Elf Bab Ogya Heaven

Original price ¥9,500yen - Original price ¥9,500yen
Original price
¥9,500yen - ¥9,500yen
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Immerse yourself in a world of ultimate pleasure with the Sensual Elf Bab Ogya Heaven - a unique and innovative adult toy that is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

The toy is designed to give you the feeling of being pampered and cared for by a sensual elf, providing a sense of comfort and intimacy.

The two holes offer different sensations, with "Ochuki Ana" featuring built-in highly stimulating hard warts and a tightening ring for an intense sensation, and "Reward Yoshi Yoshi Ana" featuring horizontal folds that gently rub against you for a more subtle sensation.

This allows you to choose the level of stimulation that is right for you.

Package: 21.5 x 16.0 x 10.0 cm Body length: 18.5 x 12.0 cm (width) Weight: 960g