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big boobs sex toy Silicon tits for cuddle pillows

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Divine tits descend! 

Mio Kimishima's perfect body, the pride of Japan, has been fully scanned and realized in 3D! The beautiful breasts of the actress of your dreams have been faithfully reproduced, not only in form and size, but also in softness, skin tone, and nipple size! Completely produced by Mio Kimishima! 

The real embodiment of the goddess, who everyone agrees looks just like her, has been born. More than a year has been spent since the project was launched, and the results of repeated prototyping without compromise have come to fruition.


Even the large nipples, a point of attraction, were re-created many times under her supervision. The breasts are asymmetrical, not circular, because they look exactly like the real human body.


The careful finishing of the molded breasts gives them an incredibly soft texture. The skin tone is divided into three layers, including the realistic shade selected by Mio Kimishima herself, and the nipples are made of a material similar to the human body. You can enjoy a realistic touch that is different from other sex toys.


Moreover, the realistic shape of the breasts ensures that even when you grab them, they feel like real breasts.


The asymmetrical shape provides a different sensation when you squeeze and twist them. The weight of the breasts is also exactly the same, and the texture of the skin and the softness of the nipples are consistent with the real thing. This is a sex toy that not only looks like the real thing, but also feels like it.


In addition, a lotion that matches the skin tone of the breasts is included. You can enjoy a luxurious time with Mio Kimishima, from the moment you open the package to the moment you use the sex toy.


Package: 295 x 390 x 140mm

Body size: 290mm (width) x 215mm (length) x 50mm (thickness) Weight: 3000g Registration date: 2022/05/19