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Rut Support! Cheerleader Girl

Original price ¥18,000yen - Original price ¥18,000yen
Original price
¥18,000yen - ¥18,000yen
Current price ¥18,000yen

Non-penetrating / with lubricant] Full of various gimmicks, undulating and entangling!

Tangled! Raw sensation! The large, thick hole weighs 2.3 kg and has a double-hole structure for a high level of satisfaction!

This 2.3kg thick large hole has a two-hole structure for a high level of satisfaction.
The back side perfectly reproduces the feeling of the back hole with folds that mimic the wall of flesh!

The spiral structure reproduces the movement of the twitching!
Vertical slit zone delivers a melting sensation against the rod!
The finish is firmly taken care of by the lumpy warts.

Package size: 268 x 246 x 150 mm Body size: 245 x 200 x 54 mm Registration date: 2024/03/15