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Mens Blowjob Toy God Blowjob Honoka Tsujii - The Ultimate Electric Blowjob Machine Featuring a Famous Actress

Original price ¥5,400yen - Original price ¥5,400yen
Original price
¥5,400yen - ¥5,400yen
Current price ¥5,400yen

Experience the Ultimate Pleasure with God Blowjob Honoka Tsujii

Experience the ultimate pleasure with our Men's Blowjob Toy God Blowjob Honoka Tsujii, featuring a famous actress [Honoka Tsujii] made into a goddess blowjob. The 3D scan reproduces an astonishingly high reproduction rate of the actress, including her facial features and even her mole.

The Ideal Electric Blowjob Machine - The Best Ever Made by Wild One

Our Men's Blowjob Toy God Blowjob Honoka Tsujii is the third electric blowjob machine by the blowjob maker "Wild One", and the best ever. This adult toy provides an authentic and satisfying experience, with the tongue, which is the longest of any sexy actress, allowing you to enjoy everything from a blowjob to a blowjob in the back of the throat, even more than in adult videos.

Even Her 10cm Long Tongue Has Been Faithfully Reproduced

The famous actress Honoka Tsujii was scanned in 3D, and even her facial features and mole were made to look exactly like her. Even her 10cm long tongue has been faithfully reproduced, providing an enhanced pleasure and a satisfying experience.


  • Package Size: H190 x W105 x D105mm
  • Body Size: 205mm (length) x 90mm (width) (face portion)
  • Registration Date: 2022/07/15