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Onaholes- Sexual fantasy of a simple girl who likes to read? Continuous Nakadashi sex with a boy in the library after school?

Original price ¥3,800yen - Original price ¥3,800yen
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¥3,800yen - ¥3,800yen
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"Unleash Your Fantasy with Hentai Onaholes - Sexual Fantasy of a Simple Girl in the Library"

Hentai Onaholes - Sexual Fantasy of a Simple Girl in the Library is the ultimate pleasure experience designed for fans of sexual fantasies in the library. This non-penetrating male masturbator is made in Japan and includes lubricant for a sensual experience. The four thick folds in the first half and three super-thick folds in the second half make it a superlative masturbation tool. The illustration by Shunsuke Himuro will make your experience even more sensual. Order now and unleash your fantasy!

Product Specifications: Size: Length 160mm, Weight 470g Registration Date: 2022/06/09

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