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the Master of G-spot Development

Original price ¥5,600yen - Original price ¥5,600yen
Original price
¥5,600yen - ¥5,600yen
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Discover the ultimate pleasure with the Master of G-spot Development! This fiery and passionate toy is designed to ignite your senses and take you to new heights of pleasure. Its high-speed waving feature targets your G-spot with precision, while the vibrating tip brings you to instant ecstasy. But that's not all - this masterful device also offers a heat function, warming the tip for an even more sensual experience.

With 7 pattern waving and 7 pattern vibration options, you can customize your pleasure to suit your desires. Made from high-quality silicone material, this toy feels exquisite against your skin and is sure to deliver intense satisfaction every time.

But it doesn't stop there - the Master of G-spot Development is also USB rechargeable, ensuring that you never run out of power when you need it most. With a quick charging time of about 120 minutes, you'll be ready for endless pleasure sessions that last up to 50 minutes.

Unleash your inner fire and let the Master of G-spot Development fulfill your deepest desires. Experience pleasure like never before and become the master of your own satisfaction. Get ready to ignite your soul with this extraordinary toy!