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Onaholes Aqua Deep Diver

Original price ¥4,200yen - Original price ¥4,200yen
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¥4,200yen - ¥4,200yen
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 Dive Deep into Pleasure with Onaholes Aqua Deep Diver


Introducing Onaholes Aqua Deep Diver - a world of deep pleasure awaits you with the ZigZag Lagoon. This onahole features a crank structure that shakes up and down, providing a variety of deep pleasure gimmicks.

The coral-shaped warty balls poke up the back muscles, providing a unique and satisfying sensation. The sucking warty wall crawls along the cock, creating a licking sensation that adds to the intensity of the pleasure. The final point of the tingling of the glans is reached in the serpentine SeaQ, providing a satisfying and pleasurable experience.

The package size of this toy is H205 x W135 x D75 mm, while the body size is Length 170 mm, Maximum width 80 mm, and Weight 420 g. The bungee touch of this onahole allows it to sink deep into pleasure, making it a satisfying and pleasurable addition to your collection.

 Key Features

  • ZigZag Lagoon for a world of deep pleasure
  • Crank structure that shakes up and down
  • Coral-shaped warty balls for unique and satisfying sensation
  • Sucking warty wall that crawls along the cock
  • Serpentine SeaQ for the final point of tingling pleasure
  • Bungee touch for deep pleasure
  • Satisfying and pleasurable addition to your collection
  • Compact and discreet packaging