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Onaholes Violent ZZ

Original price ¥3,500yen - Original price ¥3,500yen
Original price
¥3,500yen - ¥3,500yen
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Unleash Intense Pleasure with the Innovative Design of Violent ZZ Onaholes

Discover a whole new world of stimulation with the Violent ZZ Onahole, skillfully crafted in Japan to provide you with unmatched sensations. This cutting-edge pleasure device features a unique non-penetrating design, combining raging delta and omni-directional attack types for an extraordinary experience that will leave you breathless.

Indulge in the Perfect Blend of Softness and Hardness with the Hyperemic Two-Layer Structure

Experience the ultimate blend of softness and hardness with the two layers of bloodshot covering a thin hard material, giving you an incredibly soft baby touch while maintaining a satisfying overall hardness. This exclusive hyperemic two-layer construction ensures precise adjustment and maximum stimulation release, allowing you to indulge in an indescribable feeling.

 Enhanced Pleasure and Comfort with the Included Lotion and Ergonomic Design

Each Violent ZZ Onahole package includes a specially formulated lotion for added comfort and enhanced pleasure. The device's ergonomic design, measuring H205 x W135 x D75mm, guarantees a perfect fit and seamless integration into your intimate moments.

Embrace the Power of Violent ZZ's Sharp-Edged, Comfortable Masterpiece

Ready to experience a new dimension of stimulation? Look no further than the sharp-edged yet comfortable Violent ZZ Onahole. Unleash this masterpiece and immerse yourself in the intense jig-jagging pleasure you've been craving. Don't miss out – order your Violent ZZ Onahole today and surrender to the extraordinary sensations it delivers.