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Onaholes - Zurisen Folds

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 Introducing Zurisen Folds - The Perfect Hentai Onahole for Slow Masturbation

Slow down and savor the moment with Zurisen Folds, a unique hentai onahole designed specifically for those who enjoy taking their time. Our compact and discreet design allows you to indulge in a more intimate and sensual experience, no matter where you are.

 What is Slow Masturbation and How Does Zurisen Folds Support It?

Slow masturbation is the art of enjoying the process at a leisurely pace, focusing on the sensations and feelings of self-pleasure. Zurisen Folds offers a snug, hot-dog shape and mild stimulation to help you fully embrace this new style of play. Measuring at 150 x 75 x 75 mm (package) and 130 x 66 x 66 mm (body size) with a weight of 240g, this onahole is the perfect companion for slow masturbation.

Experience Unmatched Pleasure with Zurisen Folds

The soft and supple material of Zurisen Folds provides a realistic feel and mild stimulation, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. The compact size and light weight make it easy to store and carry, ensuring you're never far from your next moment of pleasure.

Order Your Zurisen Folds Hentai Onahole Today

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