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Satisfyer G-Spot Flex2 Violet

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¥8,500yen - ¥8,500yen
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Slim type that fits easily! Rechargeable 1-type vibrator that can be fixed by bending the insertion part is the point

✓ Rechargeable single type vibrator that can be bent and fixed at an angle
✓ Slim type with the least unevenness in the series. Can be put in and taken out smoothly
✓The body is completely waterproof. Fully washable
<Manufacturer's comment>
Freely bendable! One-spot vibrator that can fix the angle

The Satisfyer G-Spot Flex 2 is a flexible one-spot vibrator with bendable wires and two powerful motors.
It looks simple, but the angle can be adjusted and fixed according to the curve of the body, so it can be used all around regardless of gender or situation. You can enjoy not only pinpoint stimulation to the G-spot and prostate, but also stimulation to the clitoris and perineum by bending it.
The smooth feel and slender size of silicone make it possible to create an insert that is as comfortable as possible.

Equipped with 12 powerful vibration modes
You can enjoy 12 kinds of powerful vibrations and enjoy your favorite stimulation.
You can enjoy a wide variety of variations, such as strong continuous vibration, strong and weak vibration, and pulsating vibration stimulation, so you can enjoy it without getting bored.
It's good to find your favorite vibration, or leave it to your partner and enjoy it as a couple ◎
Because it has a powerful built-in motor, it directly stimulates any vibration and leads to pleasure.

Quiet type that does not bother you with the sound of vibration
A model with a powerful motor but with a modest vibration sound. Since it is a silent type, it is ideal for those who are concerned about the sound of love goods.
Even with the strongest vibration, the sound is subdued, so this vibrator is recommended for women who are worried about the vibration noise and can't concentrate on playing.

Fully waterproof with high quality soft silicone
Made of high-quality soft silicone material, it is smooth and comfortable to use.
Since it is waterproof, it is also recommended that you can wash it with detergent or soap. It's nice to be able to use the goods in a clean state at any time.
In addition, it is completely waterproof, so it can be used underwater. It's a perfect vibrator for playing in the bathroom and masturbating, so it's recommended for those who want to have fun outside of bed.
*The charging cord is not waterproof. Do not charge the battery in a humid place or when it is wet.

Rechargeable and reusable
Satisfyer G-Spot Flex 2 is rechargeable and can be used repeatedly, so you don't have to worry about running out of battery. A dedicated USB charging cable is included for easy charging.
There is no need to replace batteries, so it is eco-friendly and can be used without hesitation. It is also a recommended point that it is easy to carry.
Since it is cordless, it does not interfere with play, and it can be used continuously for 60 minutes with about 2 hours of charging.

What is Satisfyer
Satisfyer is a love goods brand born in Germany in 2016. We have developed the Satisfyer series, which allows you to experience high-quality orgasms in a short time, and the partner series, which allows you to experience orgasms with your partner. We deliver high-quality love goods all over the world with high functionality and conscientious pricing! Despite being a brand that was just established, it has won numerous global design awards. is a topical love goods brand that is attracting attention.

ABS, silicone

Size (mm)
Product size: 40.3 x 34.2 x 195.3mm Weight: 88g

USB charging cable, multilingual manual

1 year manufacturer's warranty
Quiet design
Fully waterproof
USB rechargeable

Color: Purple
Shape: 1 piece
Battery: USB rechargeable (120 minutes to complete charging/60 minutes of continuous operation)
During charging: Blinking, When charging is complete: Lights up
Function: Vibration
Vibration: 12 patterns
Strength: 3 levels (included in pattern)
Material: Silicon, ABS