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Masturbation Magic Slender Loli Doll

Original price ¥18,000yen - Original price ¥18,000yen
Original price
¥18,000yen - ¥18,000yen
Current price ¥18,000yen

Ready to Poot and Shoot! All around your space, bed, desk, wherever you want! Go wild with this amazing masturbator! Add a VR twist and it'll feel almost like the real thing! Vagiroot is the grand slam of pleasure - the entrance warts ready to grip you tight, the 3-stage bales to wow you with its snug tightness. Anaruto's meat wall shape produces a hyperrealistic pleasure, while its shape is truly divine.

Package Size: 359x273x136mm | Body Size: 320x215x115mm | Weight: 2600g
登録日: 2023/05/22