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Pussy Toys for Men - The Ultimate Pleasure for Men with Non-Penetrating Design and Lubricant

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¥6,200yen - ¥6,200yen
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Experience the Ultimate Pleasure with Pussy Toys for Men

Experience the ultimate pleasure with our Pussy Toys for Men, featuring a non-penetrating design and lubricant. This adult toy is a standard size that is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users.

Increased Sensitivity and Spiral Warts for Enhanced Pleasure

The lateral folds and spiral warts of our Pussy Toys for Men will increase the sensitivity of the rod, providing an enhanced pleasure and a satisfying experience.

Complex Gimmick and Spinning Wart Scroll for Agonizing Stimulation

From the three-stage bale blame to the spinning wart scroll, the octopus womb and the complicated gimmick, our Pussy Toys for Men provide agonizing stimulation and pleasure from the glans to the base of the rod, giving you a state of squeezing the cum juice of a whore.


  • Package Size: 215 x 160 x 100mm
  • Body Size: 178×110×110mm
  • Registration Date: 2022/07/15