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Al dente Nebadero HARD

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Introducing Nebadoro HARD, the ultimate pleasure-enhancing lubricant designed for a truly immersive experience. With its unique "al dente" texture, this hard lubricant allows you to fully indulge in the sensations of your favorite masturbator like never before.

Formulated with a special "hard viscosity," Nebadoro HARD effortlessly accentuates the intricate details and contours of your toy. Feel every subtle fold and unevenness as if they were real, bringing your fantasies to life with heightened realism.

Crafted with care, Nebadoro HARD is enriched with premium ingredients such as arginine, hyaluronic acid, and placenta extract. These functional components not only provide a silky smooth glide but also nourish and moisturize your skin for a pleasurable experience.

Packaged conveniently in a 200 x 68 x 68 mm container, Nebadoro HARD is designed to fit perfectly in your hand for easy application. With its generous 360 ml size, you can enjoy countless hours of self-indulgence without worrying about running out.

Experience pleasure like never before with Nebadoro HARD - the perfect lubricant for those seeking intense sensations and a truly immersive encounter. Get ready to take your self-pleasure sessions to new heights of satisfaction.