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Aneros Sessions 260ml

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Introducing Aneros Sessions 260ml, the ultimate water-soluble lotion designed exclusively for Aneros enthusiasts. Created to enhance the effectiveness of Aneros products, this lotion boasts an ideal viscosity that ensures long-lasting lubrication for maximum pleasure.

Experience heightened stimulation as this lotion effortlessly transmits the sensations of Aneros products to your skin, inducing peristalsis and facilitating the attainment of dry orgasm. With its moisturizing and smooth formula, it provides a non-sticky and seamless glide during use.

Safety is our top priority. That's why our lotion is odorless, unscented, and free from glycerin and other potentially irritating ingredients. It's perfect for those with delicate bowels, offering a safe and secure experience.

Each package contains a generous 260ml of this premium lotion, conveniently housed in a compact 180 x 52mm bottle. Discover a new level of pleasure with Aneros Sessions 260ml – the essential companion to elevate your intimate moments.