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anime fleshlight CQ Cattle

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¥3,600 - ¥3,600
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Introducing the incredible anime fleshlight CQ Cattle, the ultimate pleasure experience that will leave you breathless! Made in Japan with meticulous care, this non-penetrating device is designed to take your sensations to new heights. With its unique lotion-infused technology, every moment with CQ Cattle is a smooth and sensational journey.

Get ready for an upside-down uterus experience like no other. As you explore the depths of pleasure, feel the delightful sensation of potash being caught in the uterine ostium, offering an unforgettable reverse pleasure experience. The four consecutive CQs (Quatre) connected from the entrance ensure non-stop stimulation that will keep you craving for more.

Crafted with two layers of bloodshot hard elasticity, anime fleshlight the CQ Cattle delivers a fascinating and irresistible sensation. Its compact design makes it easy to handle and store, with package dimensions of H205 x W135 x D75mm and body dimensions of total length: 160mm, maximum width: 75mm, internal length: 130mm. Weighing only 400g, it's your perfect companion wherever pleasure takes you.

When you pull out in one stroke, there is a pause for a breath, and the stimulation of the next uterus is added without a break, which is quite a quaint and enjoyable feeling of insertion. When the pleasure level of the penis increases and you get a good feeling, you will be able to enjoy the unique continuous shooting of the uterus that you may become addicted to.

Experience pure bliss like never before with CQ Cattle - a world of pleasure awaits!