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anime Fleshlight Fuwamu Nyu Moo Moo Uisupa

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Anime fleshlight Made in Japan ,Non-penetrating , Lotion included Blissful fluffy time overflows every time you touch it!

The low-stimulus nyokki-stick whispers in your ear, and you can feel the pleasure of the low-stimulus stimulation.

Package size: H70 x W180 x D95mm Total length: 150mm Maximum width: 75mm Internal length: 120mm 420g 

A legitimate masturbatorium of the fluffy and thick type that feels good in a normal way

It is constructed with many thin tentacle-like protrusions attached inside, angled in a forward direction so that it is easier to feel when inserting than when pulling out.

anime Fleshlight Fuwamu Nyu Moo Moo Uisupa is a safe but well-balanced masturbatorium, and although there are no new experiences or impressions, it is well organized as a hypoallergenic soft and lush masturbatorium, and while using it, you may start analyzing it with a straight face, saying "It is a normally pleasant masturbatorium".

Overall, anime Fleshlight Fuwamu Nyu Moo Moo Uisupa is a masturbatorium with a little firmer accent of such protrusions and a fissure type accent that makes the whole wall slightly undulate, and the stimulation level is within about 1 out of 5, so if you like hypoallergenic masturbators, most of the time you will be able to say If you like hypoallergenic masturbators, you can easily say "It's good!