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anime Onahole Gusokusokubinbin

Original price ¥2,300 - Original price ¥2,300
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¥2,300 - ¥2,300
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Experience the pleasure of anime onahole Gusokusokubinbin, the portable adult toy designed for use anywhere. This toy features a thick and soft silicone material that is gentle on the skin.

The bumpy protrusions provide soft stimulation that feels great, while the leak-proof insertion opening ensures a mess-free experience. The non-penetrating hole adds to the variety of sensations that this toy offers.

Non-penetrating Bumpy protrusions Leak-proof insertion opening

Package size: H200mm x W110mm x D30mm Body size: 110mm x 35mm x 40mm Weight: 56g

Made in Japan Stretchable and soft material All-in-one type with lotion

Experience the pleasure of  anime onahole Gusokusokubinbin  the portable adult toy designed for use anywhere. Order now and indulge in the bumpy protrusions and leak-proof insertion opening that awaits you.