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anime Onahole Heterogeneous Maid Masterpiece

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¥2,800 - ¥2,800
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Experience a new level of pleasure with the anime onahole Heterogeneous Maid Masterpiece, a non-penetrating masturbator with lotion featuring excellent tightness and stimulation.

This next-generation hole combines ease of use and pleasure, providing a powerful vacuum only a cup hole can offer.

The double structure of silicone and air cushion ensures a unique and satisfying experience, with an air bubble that can be adjusted for vacuum. The air cushion replicates the best vaginal pressure, allowing you to experience a different kind of maid's masterpiece.

The silicone part can be removed and washed, making it easy to clean and maintain. With a package size of H190mm x W85mm x D85mm and a product size of 190mm x 85mm x 85mm, this masturbator is compact and easy to store.

The vacuuming by plugging the air hole allows the user to feel the vacuuming sensation as if dick is being pulled tight, and the degree of tightness can be adjusted depending on the degree of air release. However, it does not provide a tremendous vacuuming sensation, but only a subtle adjustment of the degree of tightness, so it may be a little insufficient for those who expect a strong vacuum.

Indulge in a pleasure of another world with anime onahole the Heterogeneous Maid Masterpiece Tale 1. Order now and experience the best elven masterpiece with the stimulation and tightness of a zorizori.