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anime sex toy Extracurricular class Eighteen (Kanae)

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Introducing the anime sex toy Extracurricular class Eighteen (Kanae)", an entrance that tightens up with perfect balance. It's a seductive villa of pleasure with a slim labia and an oh-so-realistic shape.

Once inside, prepare to feel the ecstasy of nipple-like koryibo, a rough valley-like passage, and randomly formed, squeezy protrusions. Finally, pleasure your way to the magma reservoir pocket that can firmly lock in every last drop of ecstasy. So slip in and experience a naughty extracurricular class that'll leave you wanting more!

The entrance is a realistically shaped slender labia.

A seductive villa will tempt you.It is an entrance that tightens in a well-balanced manner.

As soon as you insert it, you will be greeted by an erect nipple-like bump.A stimulating accent immediately after insertion.

Beyond that is a roughly valley-like passage.Randomly formed large protrusions wrap around the entire rod.

You can enjoy the stimulation of being squeezed from the bottom to the top.The innermost part is a magma pocket that securely catches semen inside the vagina.

Please ejaculate as much as you can into anime sex toy  Extracurricular class Eighteen (Kanae) . 

Package size: H160 x W100 x D60mm
Body size: total length 120 x 57 x 56mm 155g