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anime sex toy First play skeleton, tense triple wave

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¥3,800 - ¥3,800
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Introducing the anime sex toy First Play Skeleton, Tense Triple Wave - the ultimate pleasure experience brought to you straight from Japan! Get ready to discover a whole new level of intensity and satisfaction with its unique "hardness" that will leave your body tingling with excitement.

Experience the mind-blowing sensation of our Mochikko Sheer Luton Raw Feeling Triple Toe Loop's internal structure, meticulously replicated for the first time ever with its incredible "hardness." The star-shaped design, composed of hexagons, is divided into three blocks that deliver random pressure waves with every thrust.

Prepare yourself for an irresistible allure that will keep you coming back for more. The triple wave feature ensures a tantalizing experience that heightens your senses and amplifies your pleasure. Brace yourself for the goosebumps-inducing combination of "hardness" multiplied by three consecutive waves that will leave you craving for more.

Not only is the clear pink body of this masterpiece visually stunning, but it also offers complete visibility during use, adding an extra layer of excitement to your intimate moments.

With a package size of 180 x 75 x 55mm and a body size of 55 x 50 x 160mm weighing only 170g, this pleasure enhancer is conveniently portable and ready to accompany you wherever your desires take you.

Experience pleasure like never before with the anime sex toy First Play Skeleton, Tense Triple Wave - Made in Japan, non-penetrating, and enhanced with lotion. Get ready to embrace an unforgettable journey into pure bliss.