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Astroglide X Silicon Gel

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Introducing Astroglide X (X) Silicon Gel, the ultimate solution for unparalleled lubrication performance. Designed specifically for anal use, this gel-type silicone oil-based product is here to revolutionize your intimate experiences.

Say goodbye to messy and inconvenient liquid lubricants. Astroglide X's gel consistency ensures easy and precise application without any unwanted dripping. No more worrying about the perfect amount or consistency!

Not only does Astroglide X deliver unmatched lubrication, but it is also completely waterproof. Whether you're preparing for the act or taking a relaxing bath, this gel won't run off, providing uninterrupted pleasure.

With dimensions of approximately 14.0 x 6.0 x 3.6 cm and a generous content size of 3oz (85g), Astroglide X is ready to become your go-to choice for a satisfying and worry-free experience.

Experience the next level of intimate lubrication with Astroglide X (X) Silicon Gel – your gateway to elevated pleasure and comfort.