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In my room after school.

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Introducing "In my room after school" - the ultimate pleasure experience designed to take your fantasies to new heights! Made with exceptional quality in Japan and featuring a non-penetrating design, this innovative product is here to revolutionize your intimate moments.

Created by the renowned illustrator National Route 12, this masterpiece captures the sweet and sour after-school moments with classmates, beautifully brought to life by a talented teacher. Brace yourself for an unparalleled pleasure supremacy structure that combines bottom folds, wart protrusions, and side folds for an extraordinary sensation like never before.

Imagine indulging in a relaxing session of pleasure with that special someone you've always admired. Experience the blissful aftermath of a school date as you immerse yourself in the completely watered-down pleasure created by countless botehida. Prepare for a youthful graffiti that will transport you into a world of finest feelings.

And now, the long-awaited 3rd edition of Wild One's 2D Onaho is finally here! Get ready to explore a whole new dimension of pleasure with this groundbreaking product.

With its compact package size (H205 x W135 x D75mm) and body size (Length 160mm x Width 80mm), In my room after school is perfect for discreet indulgence wherever you desire.

Elevate your intimate experiences and unlock new levels of satisfaction with In my room after school. Don't miss out on this extraordinary journey into pleasure!