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Japanese Fleshlight - BISHIN-

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Japanese Fleshlight - BISHIN- Made in Japan / non-penetrating / with lubricant] The dominant lip is made of three layers of two materials of different hardness, creating a prodigal, soft, and debauched insertion sensation.

The soft, silky feel alternates with a hard, firm, stimulating feel.
The internal structure is designed to provide stimulation through the undulation of three-dimensional folds at the entrance.

The middle section is characterized by narrow paths of wavy folds.
The innermost part with its warts and suckers leads to moist ejaculation.

The accent due to the layered structure has a dense and bulky accent that can be felt only near the center, and although it is not an accent that will catch on as tightly as a "thick ring", it does look natural.

enjoy the change of accent due to the smooth two-layer material Japanese Fleshlight - BISHIN-, and the insertion feeling has potential as an accent for fluffy masturbators.

These are structures thoughtfully designed to enhance pleasure.

Package size: H220 x W137 x D80mm Body size: 148 x 65 x 65mm 440g Registration date: 2024/03/15