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Kimishima Mio Kami Fellatio White Lotion 180ml

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Introducing the Kimishima Mio Kami Fellatio White Lotion - the ultimate enhancement for an incredibly realistic and pleasurable experience with the electric blowjob hole. This sticky white lubricant is designed to take your satisfaction to new heights.

Infused with the delightful scent of Kimishima Mio's favorite hand cream, using this lubricant will make you feel like you're getting up close and personal with her. Its thick and luxurious texture ensures a smooth glide, adding an extra layer of excitement to your intimate moments.

The unique opaqueness of this lubricant sets it apart from the rest. It allows you to distinguish between simulated cum or real juice that flows out after an intense blowjob or piston action, adding a thrilling element to your playtime.

With a convenient package size of H150 x W46 x D46mm, it's easy to keep this indulgent pleasure enhancer at your fingertips whenever you desire. Elevate your experience and unlock new levels of pleasure with the Kimishima Mio Kami Fellatio White Lotion.