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Lotion of love juice for female brats

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Introducing our revolutionary product - the Lotion of Love Juice for Female Brats! This one-of-a-kind lotion is designed to provide a complete reproduction of the love juice dripping from a female brat, capturing every tantalizing detail. Made in Japan, this lotion offers the perfect reproduction of the smell of a sassy little bitch.

Experience a new sensation with this medium viscosity lotion that allows you to not only feel but also smell the essence of pure seduction. With an adorable VTuber Gojangaki Amane illustration by Asanagi, this package is compact and convenient, measuring H135mm x W43mm x D43mm.

Unlock a world of pleasure with the 120ml contents packed inside. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to indulge in an unforgettable experience. Try the Lotion of Love Juice for Female Brats today and discover a whole new level of sensory satisfaction!