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mini sex doll Saddle comparison! huge breasts pole sister soft type Mari

Original price ¥10,000 - Original price ¥10,000
Original price
¥10,000 - ¥10,000
Current price ¥10,000

Liven up your bedroom fun with mini sex doll  "Mari-chan," the super soft and marshmallow-y pole sister!

Her punyupunyu body will have you two-steppin' into pleasure-town!

With huge breasts that you can pinch and a big torso design that gives you the best adhesion and the most tantalizing texture, you'll be left wanting more!

The feeling of insertion is like a sticky, entangling sensation.
The thick mini sex doll  body and the vacuum that is sucked up by the thick body are irresistible!
It is a good feeling that is irresistible!

Although the stimulation of the grooves and folds is not strong
If you want to enjoy the feeling of realistic insertion, it's worth a try.

Plus, the grooved drawstring will bring you a whole new level of satisfaction! Saddle up!