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Mochi Snow BOTE IBO

Original price ¥3,500 - Original price ¥3,500
Original price
¥3,500 - ¥3,500
Current price ¥3,500

Made in Japan/non-penetrating/lotion included] The skin is soft and fluffy and as white as snow.

When you open the entrance, you will be welcomed by the huge and fascinating vaginal meat.
The entrance, middle, and deepest parts each have 3 warts with different directions and textures, so you can enjoy various sensations.

Weighing 310 grams, it is also an excellent size for practical use.
The package illustration was newly drawn by popular illustrator "Kazuya Yuizaki.

Package size: 177 x 122 x 74mm Body size: 140 x 65 x 75mm 310g