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Nana DX Two layers in HARD ver.

Original price ¥4,500 - Original price ¥4,500
Original price
¥4,500 - ¥4,500
Current price ¥4,500

Experience the ultimate sensation of tightness and stimulation with the Nana DX Two Layers in HARD ver. - an adult toy that is designed to provide a truly unforgettable experience.

The toy features a tightness and stimulation that is shocking and continuous, providing a truly unique sensation that cannot be found elsewhere.

The outside of the toy is chewy and the inside is tight, providing a unique sensation that will leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. The toy features a vacuum spot that is truly amazing, and the folds and warts structure is also incredible, adding an extra level of stimulation and enjoyment.

Package: H20.5 x W13.5 x D7.5 cm Body: Total length 13.0 cm Weight: 280g

Made in Japan.