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Okamoto Condom Plentiful Jelly (Danboard Ver.) x 3 sets

by Okamoto
Original price ¥1,400 - Original price ¥1,400
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¥1,400 - ¥1,400
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Introducing the Okamoto Condom Plentiful Jelly (Danboard Ver.) - the ultimate choice for an enhanced, pleasurable experience. With 250% more lubricating jelly than our regular Danboard version, this pack of 36 condoms guarantees a smoother and more comfortable feel. The light blue packaging boasts an image of "plenty of moisture," reflecting the high-quality gel-type lubricant used in these natural latex rubber condoms.

Each pack contains 12 condoms, making it perfect for those who value both quantity and quality.

With a compact package size of 13.6 x 7.6 x 7.8 cm, you can discreetly carry this must-have item wherever you go. Enjoy worry-free intimacy with Okamoto Condom Plentiful Jelly (Danboard Ver.)!