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Onahole Aika - Non-Penetrative Masturbator with Lotion

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Introducing the ultimate non-penetrative masturbator from Aika, featuring a lubricant-filled design and lotion included. This masturbator boasts five mountainous folds that wrap around and squeeze, providing ultimate stimulation and pleasure.

The horizontal folds of this masturbator fit like a sucker, providing a sensation of licking all the folds. The soft texture and high stimulation level ensure a deeply pleasurable experience.

The softness level of this masturbator is rated as ★★☆☆☆☆☆, providing a perfect balance of softness and tightness. The loose fit ensures a tight sensation, while the high stimulation provides ultimate pleasure.

Made in Japan, this masturbator is the perfect adult toy for those who enjoy non-penetrative pleasure. With a package size of H198mm x W138mm x D84mm and a product size of 150mm x 70mm x 70mm (total length), this masturbator is both compact and satisfying to hold.

Step into a world of sensual pleasure with the Aika - Non-Penetrative Masturbator with Lotion. Order now and indulge in the ultimate sensual experience.