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Onahole Akiba Gothic Star

Original price ¥5,200 - Original price ¥5,200
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¥5,200 - ¥5,200
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Meet Akiba's Gothic Lolita idol star Risa - the 5-faced non-penetrating adult toy. This toy features a 5-star entrance part of the hole that is carved in the shape of a star, providing a unique and fascinating sensation.

When you pass through the entrance, the suction zone at the deepest part of the hole sucks on your glans, enhancing the pleasure. This toy is designed to provide a satisfying and stimulating experience every day.

Non-penetrating adult toy 5-faced 5-star entrance part Suction zone

Package size: 18.0 x 15.0 x 10.5 cm Body size:15.0×8.0×8.0 cm Weight:500g

Made in Japan

Experience the unique sensation of Akiba's Gothic Lolita idol star Risa. Order now and indulge in the 5-faced adventure that awaits you.